Client: Sheffield Kidsworld Franchise
Background: Client has 4 franchisees in Singapore and is looking to expand overseas.
Problems faced:
  • High reliance on manual paperwork which translates to low manpower efficiency and high admin costs.
  • Difficulty in tracing and chasing for unpaid fees resulting in revenue loss and increased admin costs.
  • Lack of standard SOPs leading to long reconciliation time and additional expenses.
  • No expertise and systems in place for reporting to franchisor, which may result in potential problems after opening more franchises.
Our Solutions

Customised Enterprise Resource Planning System

  • Significantly reduced paperwork across the 4 centres.
  • SME can now systematically manage receivables via system and reports.
  • Created SOPs greatly improve consistency and reconciliation.
  • Business is ready for internationalisation with easily replicable SOPs and systems.
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