Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Increase customer satisfaction with faster service:

  • Monitor and manage project timelines and statuses within the team.
  • Provide customer support faster.
  • Automated and simplified sales, service and approval workflow saves time.
  • Higher accuracy and more efficient project management.
  • Gain valuable insight from tracked customer data:

Gain valuable insight from tracked customer data:

  • Create new leads from past sales data and analyse sales performance.
  • Create relevant marketing strategies to target the right customers and find ways to improve customer experience.
  • Improve service and increase conversion rates by identifying past buying behaviours.

Enhance customer communication and engagement:

  • Enable immediate follow-up emails to increase chances of repeat sales.
  • Easily gather customer feedback through collated emails for service improvement.

Stay connected out-of-office with Cloud

  • Access customer and project or order details quickly anywhere from your mobile.

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