Sales Management

Sales Management

Win customers. Grow revenue. Celebrate new successes:

  • Gain greater visibility and understanding into the sales pipeline. Optimize, execute and monitor strategies or sales plans. Analyse performance in real-time. Manage sales targets, open up new opportunities and effectively utilize ways to influence and speed up buying.

Collaboratively increase sales success rates:

Share data with sales team, across departments and with external stakeholders to work together to improve selling:

  • Introduce relevant contacts and sales strategies to influence the buying process.
  • Create better proposals and ideas, analyse sales opportunities and resolve problems.

Fully utilize sales resources to grow revenue:

  • Focus on potential sales areas, unexplored customer markets to find new business opportunities.
  • Define customer segments and know where to target resources on to meet business goal.
  • Identify best prospects early on with effective lead management.
  • Shorten buying process and make the right recommendations to customers.
  • Improve predictability and speed up sales by making key decisions with sales and performance data.
  • Increase revenue from effective channel partner management.
  • Gain insight into enhancing retail sales and increase e-commerce conversions.

Improve customer engagement:

  • Gain insight into customer activities.
  • Manage accounts and important contacts.
  • Efficiently plan for customer meetings.

Cloud capability:

  • Sell anywhere – Access account, contact, customer activity, quote and order information from your mobile.
  • Decrease total cost of ownership with Cloud management.

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