Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Speed up your supply chain cycle. Improve sourcing to reduce costs:

  • Easily manage, control and oversee the entire purchasing process right from the procurement stage. Maintain accuracy and compliance with additional room for cost savings.

Improve sales, management and cycle times:

  • Focus on your product sales strategy instead of the buying process.
  • Keep track of sourcing and procurement materials.
  • Optimize and standardize purchasing SOPs.
  • Reduce processing errors and manual work.

Increase cost savings:

  • Decrease procurement and total purchasing cycle time.
  • Improve sourcing to save on procurement spending.
  • Uncover saving opportunities via expenditure data and analysis.

Enforce purchasing compliance:

  • Closely monitor processes by ensuring processes strictly follow contract terms with vendors and suppliers.
  • Prevent staff maverick buying with process automation.

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