Client: Chuan Ho Auto Service
Background: Singapore's leading car spray painting family business that has been in business for over 30 years.
Problems faced:
  • Information loss due to staff reliance on memory, resulting in poor quality of work and service.
  • Lack of communication between staff leads to low productivity.
  • Manual accounting process results in poor accounts receivable and payable management.
  • Little to no follow ups or after-sales to build customer relations.
  • Little documentation processes leading to poor service delivery.
Our Solutions

Customised cloud-based car workshop management system

  • New Processes: Computerised job cards, invoices, insurance claims and accounts.
  • Improved documentation processes and communication via to-dos and checklists in the system.
  • Automated accounting processes and reports.
  • Gained capabilities in after-sales and follow ups to increase brand loyalty.
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