Commerce / Cloud POS

Commerce / Cloud POS

Make shopping and selling easier:

  • Focus less on the technical details when selling and more on growing your business and increasing market share. Commerce Cloud contains all the tools you need for economic, flexible and scalable selling while delivering a seamless customer experience.

Attract and retain more customers:

  • Enhance customer engagement and step up targeted selling.
  • Deliver a unified customer experience across all platforms and create a seamless shopping journey.

All you need in one place:

  • Customize and personalize your site layout and design without technical knowledge.
  • Focus on brand differentiation with easy-to-navigate commerce.
  • Integrate and control sales, services, order fulfilment, shipping, tax payment and inventory management all in one platform.
  • Efficiently make changes from a simplified storefront.

More market outreach:

  • Enable faster time-to-market and operations launch with Cloud and pre-integrated commerce functions.
  • Quickly and easily expand to new locations, launch new product features and improve customer experiences.

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