Nurse Calling System

Nurse Calling System / Clinic Calling System / Hospital Calling System / Nurse Paging System:

Affordable prices

  • Our wireless nurse calling systems do not require a central server, significantly reducing the implementation costs and simplifying the process.

Comprehensive and high quality

  • Durable and waterproof hardware
  • Wall buttons, extendable cords, emergency pull cords, corridor indicator lights etc.
    Highly versatile
  • Configurable for different scenarios, such as patient calling nurses, nurses calling doctors or vice versa
  • Usable in many different hospital, clinic and pharmacy settings

Long range and reliable

  • Our hardware are equipped with strong transmitter microchips to ensure successfully delivery of signals
  • Modular signal repeaters can be added at any time.

Nurse Calling System

A nurse calling system can be a matter of life and death. You have to be able to rely for 100% on a nurse calling system, as valuable lives depend on it. As a health worker you cannot be everywhere at the same time. And in most health institutions there simply are not enough nurses to staff every patient with a licenced nurse 24/7. That is why medical institutions have to rely on technological systems to do their job properly. But when you rely on technology, you have to be 100% sure you can trust on your systems. In this way you can offer your patients the health care they are expecting from you and that they deserve.

A nurse calling system not only has to be reliable, it should also should be easy to use and preferably modular as well. As your health care services develop constantly, you don’t want systems like your nurse calling system to limit this development. At Sidera we have thought about this very well. Our nurse calling system is therefore modular, simple, reliable and above all affordable.

Nurse calling system to control medical urgencies

Like with any nurse calling system, you need a sender and a receiver device. Both of it have to be easy to install and easy to use. Sidera’s nurse calling system does not need any central server, in order to be installed fast and easy. Especially when you have to enlarge your capacity on short notice, it can be vital to be able to install the nurse calling system on the shortest possible period. Or to simply extend it.

Furthermore, Sidera’s nurse calling systems are wireless. Therefore you can easily install the wireless nurse calling system without any complicated cables that have to be pulled. You simply connect the sending devices, like wall buttons, extendable cords and emergency pull cords, with the receiver. And thereafter the necessary information will automatically be shown on the led displays. In this way your health workers will immediately know where they have to be for a possible medical urgency.

Versatile and innovative nurse calling system

The nurse calling system of Sidera is applicable in different kinds of health institutions. Our nurse calling system has not only been successfully installed in numerous hospitals, also it has been applied at for example clinics and pharmacies. Sidera’s nurse calling system is possible for different kinds of settings. Most commonly the calling system is configured as a communication system between patients and nurses. Besides, it also is applied as a system for nurses calling their doctors.

In addition, the nurse calling system of Sidera is highly versatile, as various types of modular devices can be added at any time. Most commonly wall buttons are applied at most nurse calling systems, but you can also apply for instance extendable cords, emergency call buttons, pull cords and corridor indicator lights. As you can see, at Sidera we have thought of every aspect of our innovative nurse calling system. We know what you need and you will benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

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