Client: Costumes rental and sales company
Background: Client is a leading costumes rental and sales company in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with over 10,000 products.
Problems faced:
  • Inventory Management is done in Excel
    • Messy and unaccounted inventories
    • Lack of proper documentation for items in laundry
    • Unable to accurately forecast inventories, leading to loss in sales and poor customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of systematic procurement processes
    • Prone to human errors
  • Business is highly reliant on business owners
    • High opportunity costs to business owners
    • Reduced business agility
  • Rental and Sales Management are done on carbon paper
    • Manual reconciliation is required with inventory Excel database
    • Prone to human errors and high manpower costs
    • High difficulty in managing rented out costumes
  • Customer Database is manually keyed into Excel with no CRM activities
    • Under-utilisation of customer data (i.e. no email marketing activities)
  • E-commerce website has standalone inventory, resulting in zero integration with offline inventory.
    • Difficulty in forecasting, leading to loss of sales.
Our Solutions

– Customised Enterprise Resource Planning System

– Automated processes with IT infrastructure (ie. self-service borrowing stations and self-checkout counters)

  • Integrated modules, allowing for seamless flow of information and data across all business operations.
  • Reduced reliance on manpower and reduced manpower costs
  • Reduced reliance on business owners
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Gained capabilities in CRM with after-sales service and follow-ups
  • Gained capabilities in effective inventory management
  • Gained capabilities in sales fulfilment via better sales and inventory forecasting
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