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EnterpriseOne Management

Simple. Reliable. Powerful.

Cloud-based enterprise-level solutions for every business:

Enterprise One provides an integrated platform where you can streamline and automate core business processes from sales to marketing, inventory, procurement, service and support.

Why cloud-based ERP?

  • Compared to on-premise ERP, cloud-based ERP is more flexible and agile for businesses
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with elimination of investments on in-house serves, maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Increased operation efficiency with available data access anywhere via an internet connection
  • 24/7 support enables faster fixing of problems on top of keeping your software versions up-to-date
  • Enhanced security measures to protect data and restrict internal access with user accounts

Customer Relationship Management

Increase customer satisfaction with faster service:

  • Monitor and manage project timelines and statuses within the team.
  • Provide customer support faster.
  • Automated and simplified sales, service and approval workflow saves time.
  • Higher accuracy and more efficient project management.
  • Gain valuable insight from tracked customer data:

Gain valuable insight from tracked customer data:

  • Create new leads from past sales data and analyse sales performance.
  • Create relevant marketing strategies to target the right customers and find ways to improve customer experience.
  • Improve service and increase conversion rates by identifying past buying behaviours.

Inventory Management

Automatic accuracy:

  • Track warehouse¬†movement and product inventory sales in real-time.

Close up loopholes in cost:

  • Avoid stock-outs and overstocks by planning re-orders according to demand from past sales data.
  • Make smarter sales decisions from inventory data analytics.

Invoicing Management

Save on manpower and improve productivity at the same time:

  • Streamline invoice processing while reducing headcount.
  • Enable staff to focus on higher-value responsibilities instead of manual paper-based invoicing.

Shorten payment cycles and reap more benefits:

  • Generate, email and print invoices quickly for faster processing times.
  • Improve cash management.
  • Make early payment vendor discounts attainable.
  • Easily track past invoices created.
  • Eliminate formatting errors and greatly improve accuracy.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Speed up your supply chain cycle. Improve sourcing to reduce costs:

  • Easily manage, control and oversee the entire purchasing process right from the procurement stage. Maintain accuracy and compliance with additional room for cost savings.

Improve sales, management and cycle times:

  • Focus on your product sales strategy instead of the buying process.
  • Keep track of sourcing and procurement materials.
  • Optimize and standardize purchasing SOPs.
  • Reduce processing errors and manual work.

Sales Management

Win customers. Grow revenue. Celebrate new successes:

  • Gain greater visibility and understanding into the sales pipeline. Optimize, execute and monitor strategies or sales plans. Analyse performance in real-time. Manage sales targets, open up new opportunities and effectively utilize ways to influence and speed up buying.

Collaboratively increase sales success rates:

Share data with sales team, across departments and with external stakeholders to work together to improve selling:

  • Introduce relevant contacts and sales strategies to influence the buying process.
  • Create better proposals and ideas, analyse sales opportunities and resolve problems.

Commerce / Cloud POS

Make shopping and selling easier:

  • Focus less on the technical details when selling and more on growing your business and increasing market share. Commerce Cloud contains all the tools you need for economic, flexible and scalable selling while delivering a seamless customer experience.

All you need in one place:

  • Customize and personalize your site layout and design without technical knowledge.
  • Focus on brand differentiation with easy-to-navigate commerce.
  • Integrate and control sales, services, order fulfilment, shipping, tax payment and inventory management all in one platform.
  • Efficiently make changes from a simplified storefront.

Human Resource (HR) Management

Foster higher manpower productivity.

Simplify your core HR processes:

  • Speed up and streamline management of HR processes like employee leave, performance, payroll and recruitment.
  • Scalable, convenient and flexible payroll management on the cloud.
  • Monitor and improve staff performance consistency.

Easy to use and implement:

  • Easily implement compliancy with changing HR regulations.
  • Centralized data and multi-user platform enables ease of access.
  • User-friendly interface allows employees to self-track their leave status and file claims for greater convenience and HR time savings.

Automotive Management

Give customers more reasons to return.

Improve and review workshop performance:

  • Track work and warranty statuses, work orders, last repair dates and replaced parts; and view vehicle details, next service action and cost estimates all in one place.
  • Accurately keep track of your spare parts inventory and monitor for low stock availability with automatic stock level updates.
  • Generate reports from workshop operations and management to evaluate overall performance and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Improve service for higher customer retention:

  • Speed up accident and insurance claim process with less time spent on document preparation and easier tracking of status with insurance parties.
  • Monitor previous maintenance services done to allow routine follow ups on the next servicing due date and maintain service continuity.
  • Track previous repairs done per vehicle to enable fast and efficient service enquiries.


Our ERP systems are designed and implemented across a growing number of industries. Connect with customers, seamlessly manage your core business processes, and optimise and review your performance – Sidera ensures your investment is relevant and positions your business well to meet future challenges and goals.

Integrated IT Services

We can help you set up IT surveillance for the office, and adopt retail or F&B hardware solutions such as our restaurant paging system. Creating a secure and work-efficient workplace is easy with the help of our experienced IT consultants.

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