All-in-one Integrated ERP System

Is your business still using Excel for Invoicing, CRM, HR, Inventory tracking or admin purposes? Or are you using multiple ERP systems, which is limiting your productivity?
Introducing our All-in-one Integrated ERP System, suitable for both SMEs and MNCs!



Enterprise Resource Planning in 30 Seconds!

Designed to be simple and easy to use, 30CRM is an integrated all-in-one ERP system that comprises Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Inventory, Email Marketing, Project Management, Support Automation, HR & Payroll and many other awesome features!

All modules are interlinked and talk to one another, saving your business valuable time by avoiding the need to key in twice into two separate ERP systems.

Key modules in 30CRM

Sales & Marketing

Automate your sales processes by easily creating, tracking and managing of quotations, invoices, sales performance, purchase orders and sales orders!

Inventory Management

Integrated with your sales, your inventory will automatically be deducted once your sales team sells anything. Comes packed with many cool features such as Re-order level notifications and so on!

HR & Payroll Tracking

Manage your employee database, leave, claims, job applicants and payroll. The system also has an employee login system to execute these functions!

Email Marketing

Integrated with your database of clients and contacts, you are able to send out emails (with email templates) to multiple recipients at once! All communications are saved neatly in each individual contact’s pages, making tracking and retrieval a breeze!

Project Management

Suitable for small or large teams, this module allows for neat, systematic approach to project tracking.

Support Automation

Useful for management of service contracts, FAQs and tickets, for call centres, server hosting and other service companies
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