E-commerce Management & Advisory

If you have visited offices of E-commerce businesses, you’ll notice that they have large manpower sizes managing & supporting their E-commerce backend.

Running an E-commerce business is no easy task. It is an extremely time consuming to manage your website, products, inventory, logistics, payments, customer service and so on.

Instead of hiring extra manpower to do those tasks, At Sidera, we are ready to assist you in handling that nightmare. Engage our E-commerce Management & Advisory services today, so you can focus your energy and time on other important tasks!

Content Management

Sidera Ecommerce Content Management

Money can’t buy you time. Uploading and managing your E-commerce products is a tedious, time consuming process, especially when you are dealing with cross-sells, up-sells, discounts, promotions etc.

Leave this to our team of experienced professionals.

Website Maintenance

Web Maintenance by Sidera

Maintenance is an essential task in running an E-commerce business. Our team will help you to conduct version updates,  backing up of data, ensuring stability & speed, fixing of broken links and tightening of security and so on.


Sidera Ecommerce Advisory

From the basics of managing your product categories, logistics, packaging, to the secrets of increasing your customer conversion rate, our team of professionals will assist you in building a successful E-commerce business.

Statistical Analysis

Web Design F

What are your customers clicking? Which items gets viewed the most, but are not selling? We will set up google analytics to track your customer’s behaviour. We will analyse your data for you periodically, and provide you with suggestions to improve your site and your sales.

Hosting, Domain & Email Management


We provide a one stop service to get your website started, by taking care of domain name registration and creation of email accounts. We will also set-up the ideal hosting for your site, to ensure that your site is stable and fast.

Product Photography

Sidera Photography

An E-commerce website is attractive only if it displays high quality image of your products. Our professional photographers will work closely with our web designers to bring out the best of your products.

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