Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Need Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to automate your business processes?

Our professional team of developers have created more than 20 ERP systems for clients from all over the world. Examples include CRM systems, invoicing systems, HR systems and so on!

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Our Proprietory Products


Invoicing in 30 seconds!

Are you still using Microsoft Excel to do your invoicing? Introducing 30Invoice, an easy to use cloud-based invoicing system that lets you add, email and print invoices within 30 seconds. It also have a reporting functionality that lets you track your sales with a push of a button.

✓ Speed up! Invoice customers in 30 seconds!

✓ No more frustrations of formatting/printing errors on your invoice!

✓ Replace the old Microsoft Excel for invoicing!

✓ Eligible for PIC Grant & ICV Voucher!


Customer relationship management in 30 seconds!

30CRM is an easy to use, multi-user cloud-based CRM system that lets you manage your clients, project timeline and status, customer support (tickets) within 30 seconds.

This system is also meant for managers to monitor their project team & sales team performance.

✓ Speed up! Monitor your projects or project team in 30 seconds!

✓ Internal messaging and emailing of customers!

✓ Replace the old Microsoft Excel for project management!

✓ Eligible for PIC Grant & ICV Voucher!


Human resource management in 30 Seconds!

30HRM is an easy to use, multi-user cloud-based-hr-system that lets you managers and employees manage Leave, Performance, Recruitment and Payroll in 30 seconds!

✓ Employee self-login to apply leave!

✓ Generate payrolls automatically!

✓ Set and monitor staff performance!

✓ Eligible for PIC Grant & ICV Voucher!

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